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unity sand ceremony
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unity sand ceremony
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heart Shaped Unity Vase Set

The heart shaped unity vase set is the most romantic of the unity sand ceremony vase sets. It is sold as a 6-piece set which includes: a central heart shaped vase, a stopper for the heart shaped vase, two large heart pouring vases, one small heart pouring vase, and a metal display stand. Additional small heart pouring vases are available for including additional participants.

Whether displayed on a coffee table or mantel after the wedding, this vase set will definitely evoke warm memories of your wedding day and the commitment you made to one another. You may wish to select sand colors that complement your home's decorating theme.

This particular vase set is most often personalized with the bride's first name initial on the left pouring vase, the groom's first name initial on the right pouring vase and the central heart vase often contains a three letter monogram (left to right: bride's first name initial, first letter of shared last name, groom's first name initial) and the wedding date. The small heart (accessory) vase can also be personalized with a single initial.

The central heart shaped vase will hold approximately 3 pounds of sand (3 bottles of colored sand from Things Festive). The number of participants in your sand ceremony will determine the amount of sand needed. It's a good idea for each participant to have his/her own sand color. It's okay if there is a bit of sand left in the individual pouring vases after the heart vase has been filled.
The objective is to create a layered effect in the central heart vase and this requires the use of multiple sand colors.


  • The central heart vase holds 3 lbs. of sand. It's a good idea for each participant to have his/her own sand color for optimum results.
  • The central heart vase includes a stopper to make transporting your filled vase a cinch.
  • All vases in the heart unity sand set can be personalized.
  • Additional small heart pouring vases can be purchased separately to accommodate additional participants. These vases can also be personalized with a single initial.

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